I’ve always had a love affair with the American Southwest. I love the wide-open sky flaunting its diverse array of cloud formations, the natural beauty and scent of sagebrush and cacti, the colorful art and culture of past and enduring Native American tribes. Experiencing parts unknown and getting away from the hustle and pressure of city life is the perfect opportunity to empty one’s mind and be able to listen and learn from nature. As a coach, I enjoy learning from new experiences, and I’d like to share with you a few of my insights from my most recent trip.

No doubt you understand these phenomena intellectually, but to experience viscerally the joy of relaxation, nature and exploration offers a deeper lesson.

  1. Nature disregards our personal needs, desires and intentions. Rain, sandstorms, droughts, freezing temperatures and excessive heat happens, but never lasts. Remember this when sales are in a slump, the big deal falls through or confidence is waning. It’s only temporary. It won’t last.
  2. Survival of the fittest rules. In nature, weaker animals just don’t survive and there’s nothing they can do to improve their odds. Being of sound mind and body, however, that’s not the case for us in real estate. Learn those scripts so you know what to say and when to say it, become an expert negotiator, know your market trends and inventory. Choose to survive and thrive during market shifts.
  3. Frogs ribbit and birds sing. Sometimes it’s easy to let descriptors define us. As a Realtor, you have a choice. You can be a salesperson, a short-term thinker who lives deal to deal sacrificing values and ethics for a paycheck. Or, you can be a “CEO” the owner of your business business, thinking strategically to serve and expand your customer base. Mindset matters, we become what we think about.
  4. Honor and maintain your culture. I watched a Pueblo tribe’s Festival of the Feast while in Taos, New Mexico. Generations gathered to celebrate the planting of corn while praying for a bountiful harvest. For several hours they moved, chanted and danced in a trance-like state. Not a single person took a break to check their cellphone! We CAN put the phone away to WORK on our business for a day. You need to plant seeds to yield results.

I learned so much on this trip and I sincerely hope you can take some time to spend in nature this summer. In the meantime, keep your head in the game, be flexible and ready to change course, and ALWAYS continue prospecting, following up on leads and converting them to transactions.

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