While you may not be a football lover, you’d have to have been living under a rock to not know that the Super Bowl happened this past Sunday. One of America’s most culturally iconic events of the year brought people together for parties, platters of food, and plenty of cheering.

Personally, I am not a football fan; I don’t understand scoring, and I don’t know who the key players are (except, of course, Tom Brady). However, I do make it habit to watch the last 30 minutes of the game, because that’s when the real action takes place.

This year’s success? The Philadelphia Eagles finally won a Super Bowl championship!

The one thing I love about the Super Bowl is the spirit of the players, their ability to drive hard until the very end, take their licks, and move on while the winner gets to revel in their glory. In this case, it took the Philadelphia Eagles three tries over 52 years before they finally won a Super Bowl championship! Each year, they practiced; each year, they played their best. Repeated over and over and over again. UNTIL THEY FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT! And not only made it to the championship game, but won it.

What can you takeaway from their story? How might this relate to your business or career? Do you take the licks and still keep on going? Do you still play the game with all the love and fervor though being disappointed with the outcome?

For the losers – the New England Patriots – what a huge disappointment, right? And yet, are they quitting, never again to practice, never again to compete…just because they had a huge loss and rejection? No!

The difference between amateurs and professionals is simple. Amateurs quit because they can’t stand the rejection and buckle under the pressure and the heat of the moment. Professionals continue to practice, play all out, knowing they will both win and lose.

They keep showing up with more insight, a greater commitment to improve and a stronger will to succeed.

You don’t get to control the outcome of the game. You absolutely CAN control your reaction to the outcome of the game!

Your Next Steps

How resilient are you? Are you truly able to roll with the punches?

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