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I started working with Susan when I was only closing an average of six deals per year. After working with her for the past three years, I am now on track to close 30 deals and earn $300,000.00. Susan has played an integral role in moving me from entrepreneurial to purposeful by laying the groundwork to get my career on track and successfully mentoring me into creating the appropriate systems and models to run my real estate businesses.
— Rebecca Sekulich
Susan Rose has a coaching style that’s personable and persistent. She truly cares about people and does everything in her power to see that they are successful. Susan offers patience, caring and understanding - daily, while finding ways to push individuals beyond their comfort levels... or old belief systems. Lastly, Susan never forgets to celebrate the victories - no matter how small!
— M. Berryhill
Susan is patient, supportive and a tough coach. She is not afraid to tell you the truth which is what is needed for agents to relay to their clients and for themselves to be successful in this market.

Susan Rose has been a coach who blends intelligence, wit and respect for all agents at Keller Williams Westside. The results: superior leadership, informative and fun courses, high agent morale.

Susan, you are fantastic. You have been there to teach classes for us, held Mastermind sessions, and been my coach. You were available on your days off and during the holidays. You took an interest in my $320,000 listing as if it were a $3,000,000 transaction. Knowing you were always there for me gave me the confidence to deal with my seller and his bizarre antics. I am truly grateful.
— Phyllis Sam
I have worked in other companies and offices and Susan is the first coach I feel is right for me.

The coaching program is invaluable. Whether you’re a new or seasoned agent, there is always something that can be learned or improved upon. I have greatly benefited from the coaching program and avoided mistakes by utilizing Susan’s expertise. She’s there to help you take your business to the next level and avoid the pitfalls that most agents encounter.

Susan is great! She is your anchor when you are caught up in a storm!
— L.J.H.
Thank you for taking me to the next level in my business. Before joining the coaching program, I struggled to average 6 closed sales year. With the dip in home prices and my average commission, my take-home pay simple wasn’t cutting it. I needed to make a drastic change. Joining your coaching program and following your advice made all the difference. With your help, my average of 6 closings per year was left in the dust... I made 17 sales, 14 closings, and had 2 in escrow when the year ended.
— Tiffany Thompson
I just want to let everyone in the community know that Susan is INCREDIBLE! If you are not signed up for coaching with her you are missing out ... what does this mean? Tell your real estate colleagues about her! I have never met anyone who offers coaching that is so methodical without being too pushy. LOVE her!
— Louis Trenta
I have had wonderful experience coaching with SRPC!

Susan’s programs have provided me with an invaluable foundation and framework of the business, and the morning scripts & dialogue sessions are extremely helpful.

To expand on my successes, as a brand new agent under Susan’s guidance, I learned the value of the BRE, getting two signed in a short amount of time. Both of those clients turned into escrows that closed in 30 days or less! Since those closings, I have attained 2 more BREs, including 1 that came from a buyer consultation that I scheduled at one of my open houses (again, a tactic I learned to do during the program).

So thank you!! I truly appreciate everything you’ve done!
— Brian Pincus
When I first met Susan during the office meeting I was very excited and thought how wonderful it will be to have a real estate coach. If you believe, as I did, that all you will need are a few minor changes before you begin to list and sell properties you will be surprised at exactly how much improvement you will undergo with Susan’s coaching. I was on auto pilot and could not slow down. Susan, however, was always there to patiently remind me to look through her clear lenses as well as, to clear the fog as it would set in. She has been always ready, willing and able, to direct me through setbacks and breakthroughs. I was excelling in the number of contacts that I was in such a hurry to generate. Again, Susan pointed out through the private coaching meetings, the group meetings, her seminars, teleconferences, that a successful agent would focus on quality, “A”, leads. Once I applied this concept I did profit. There are many facets that Susan can help you improve, mindset, skills, direction, comprising a business plan, and you will love to follow her instructions once you understand and believe.
Susan, thank you.
— Kostantina Romm
Susan is a coach whose sole objective is to maximize one’s agent potential. She does that by meeting with them at least once a month while also maintaining contact via email with any questions that one may have. She takes the time to study and learn about each agent in order to successfully help them maximize their business growth anyway possible. Her no nonsense approach and clarity in being able to pin point one’s weakness in a soft and kind manner and help them better themselves is truly unique and greatly appreciated. This accountability and mentoring program is vital for anyone who is interested and serious about building their career in real estate.
— P.R.
Susan Rose is an excellent coach. She is a very good listener, enabling her to immediately get to what is going with you. Her ability/patience to work with you until you find the answer to a work related problem is amazing; you feel you arrived at the solution yourself. Susan’s approach to each student is very cookie cutting coaching here. Seeing how happy she is for your success makes you want to work harder.
— L.J.L.
I highly endorse Susan Rose, Productivity Coach for her expertise in empowering real estate agents to achieve at their maximum potential for successful transactions with both buyers and sellers. Her passion, knowledge and professionalism are outstanding! Thanks to Susan’s encouragement and enthusiasm, I overcame insurmountable obstacles in closing two challenging escrows last week. Thanks for your support in believing in me, Susan!
— Joan Fields-Evans
Since coaching with Susan, I have found that my business sensibility has improved dramatically! The last 2 listings I have signed have been 6%... I also have 2 new listings that I have sold first day on the market because of added confidence Susan has given me to price competitively.
— Victor Kaminoff
I will NO longer use the KW one page buyer agreement. I had a buyer consultation this morning and I had him sign the “Papa”!!! I feel much more confident about using it and will use it from now on!
— Nancy Zelada
Susan Rose has been and amazing mentor and friend. I came into this industry, as most people do, feeling like I was being thrown to the wolves with incomplete education and tools to become a success. She gave me faith in myself that I am worthy and capable of success. From basic life lessons to the ins and outs of the business, I will use the tools she gave me for the rest of my life.
— Heather Leiken
Susan Rose is an excellent Productivity Coach. She brings to her clients & students an extraordinarily high degree of expertise in the field of Real Estate. Susan’s exuberance and devotion to her students makes for an educational and rewarding experience.

I would like to say how much coaching changed my life, not only in business but also personally. I am so grateful to have Susan Rose who is an amazing coach and who works hard as my coach and I almost gave up several times. She gave me a different way to look at everything and I’ve learned so much from her. I feel much more confident and I actually enjoy what I’m doing now. Susan makes herself available even on the weekends, works with me while I’m making calls and reviews scripts with me to make the transaction smoother with my buyer. Thanks, Susan, for all your hard work and teaching: I can’t wait to make you proud!
— Monique Kangarlou