Create your plan. Take aligned action. Monitor results. Achieve success.

"Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers... 'grow, grow'." -The Talmud


Core Services

  • Daily web-based activities tracking emphasizing accountability and understanding conversion ratios
  • Weekly group check in call with Coach Susan
  • Two weekly group script practice sessions
  • Monthly group coaching call with Coach Susan 
  • Monthly training webinars focusing on lead generation and follow up, buyer and seller presentations 
  • Two monthly tele-sessions emphasizing specific topics, guest speakers and mastermind discussions
  • Exclusive access to an abundance of real estate tools including scripts/dialogues, checklists, forms, recorded conference calls
  • Private fb group for inspiration, motivation, sharing and support 

Does your business need reviving, re-invigorating and/or just solid growth?  

Here's how we can help:


  1. Simply tracking your activities and monitoring conversion ratios to gain better work efficiency. 

Accountability Plus

Group coaching offering accountability, resources, feedback and support to maintain a strong mindset and more productive habits. Core services included. 

Growth Coaching

Private and personalized productivity based coaching for business and life, including training, accountability, feedback and support. Core services included.

High Velocity Coaching

When you are ready to break through all barriers! Intensive private and personalized coaching for taking your business to the next level! Core services included. 

Contact me for more information or a private consultation!