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When the Stakes are High, Can You Wing It?

By September 26, 2016Productivity

Can you imagine what today looks like for Lester Holt, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Do you think they are currently practicing and rehearsing their talking points? Do you think they have been role playing in front of adversarial surrogates? Do you think they have been coached by their strategists, stylists and other multiple consultants? Do you think they will be EXTREMELY prepared, mentally, physically, emotionally by 6:00 pm PST tonight for what many consider to be the Presidential “at stake” debate? Yes! The stakes are extremely high for all three individuals … high enough that their futures and reputations are on the line (Not to mention the country’s!).

Now, think about your most recent listing appointment. How would you compare your preparatory process to these individuals? Did you practice and rehearse your talking points? Did you role play your objection handlers and closing techniques? What did you do to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally to tackle a high financial stake presentation? The “connect the dots” analogy here: Do you take your appointments as seriously as the Presidential candidates take their debates?