O:RTA- Listings are KING is our 100 days to increased listings challenge.  This is the motivation, support, and feedback you need to grow this aspect of your business.  O:RTA will help you:

  • Create the habit of setting appointments and closing for the signature
  • Create the habit of reporting numbers
  • Create the habit of accountability
  • Create the habit of competing with yourself and others!

You just need to BE ENGAGED and ready to BREAKTHROUGH!

You will be expected to report you contacting and other business activities daily using our web based tracking program; every day we will send progress reports as well as emails to support, encourage, motivate, and inspire.  Here’s a breakdown:

  • PURPOSE:        100 days of seller-focused work resulting in appointments, listings, sales and momentum for 2015!
  • START:             April 20, 2015
  • END:                July 28, 2015
  • GOAL:             Increasing your listing business
  • REPORT:           Report your contacts, appointments, sales, and closings on our web based tracking program
  • WIN:                The Agent who reports the most combined listing appointments gone on and listings taken will be awarded 2 FREE  30-minute coaching calls with Susan Rose.  The Agent who reports the most listing sold will be awarded1 FREE 30-minute coaching call with Susan Rose.  There may even be a surprise thrown in for the winners!
  • FEE:                  $1 a day ($100) ensures the highest rate of return on your 2015 income! 

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