Independence Day is typically celebrated with family reunions, friends’ barbecues and the iconic firework displays. Yet it always makes me pause to reflect on one thing: freedom.

As a real estate coach, I’m most qualified to address the concept of freedom from the personal career aspect. How does freedom as an independent contractor/ entrepreneur/ realtor impact your lifestyle and business?

Certainly, we all love the benefits: the ability to work independently, take a vacation whenever you want; and everyone’s favorite, writing off all your expenses. Those of us that have been doing this for a while know that there are even more benefits to be enjoyed provided you’re willing to work diligently for them. Being able choose your clients or decide your own work schedule, for example, are both benefits that you only experience when you work for yourself.

Of course, all these benefits come with drawbacks. You already know, nothing in life is free, not even freedom. You may get to work independently, but that can mean more work for you individually. You can take a vacation whenever you desire, but you’ll be doing so out of your own pocket. It’s all about making tough, key and critical choices daily while finding the best balance for yourself.

The advantages of freedom are enormous. Yet with freedom comes personal responsibility; freedom squandered or mishandled results in grave consequences. We must honor and choose our freedoms wisely.

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