Life is filled with constant distractions. It feels like a struggle to get even an hour without interruptions, let alone a whole day. These sorts of interruptions build up over time and before you know it, things fall by the wayside or you just plain forget about people.

“I forgot I had a coach!” This stinging comment was made to me by one of my private, one-on-one coaching clients with whom I had enjoyed a close working relationship. We’d been meeting weekly until some personal life distractions required her to cut back to every other week. Knowing she was dealing with a lot of “stuff” and being intuitive and compassionate, I gave her, what I thought, was personal time and space. Though when I finally touched based, I heard, “Wow, I forgot I had a coach!”

Immediately, I experienced a flash of insight!  That’s exactly what your clients say about you when they don’t hear from or see you!

Now, I have a strong relationship with my coaching clients and I reach out to them with frequent phone calls and emails, but in this case, it still wasn’t enough. Is it any wonder then, that your past clients and  spheres of influence forget that you’re a hard-working and capable realtor?

The ease at which people can forget about us in today’s distraction-filled life is exactly why I implore you to be in front of your past clients and sphere more frequently than you might believe is necessary. Remember, the objective is to make your presence known—either through a call, an email, a mailed item of value, invitation to lunch or an event—FOR THE MOMENT THEY DECIDE THEY’RE READY TO TAKE ACTION OR HEAR OF A REFERRAL TO SEND.

And, never feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for referrals; good business people do that, frequently and directly. Naturally, when you do receive a referral, express sincere gratitude and reinforce that positive behavior by sending a handwritten note with a small token of appreciation.

Bottom line: Be in front, stay in touch. Otherwise, you may simply become forgotten.

Referral business is precious! Learn more about how referrals fit in your sales funnel:

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