Having spent the summer lounging, reading, beaching, barbecuing, partying, picnicking, concerting and vacationing.

September represents the month of change where we transition back to business “as usual,” yet with renewed energy and commitment!

September offers us opportunity to recalibrate, prepare and plan for the final quarter of the year.

What makes this month so critical?  How we treat September directly affects both the energy and momentum we bring to the months of October, November and December; those pivotal months, in turn, directly affect the manner in which we launch into the upcoming January. Imagine beginning the new year with solid leads and sales in the pipeline; all readily achievable, provided we take action now!

Here are a few tips to help regain your equilibrium in September so you can make the most of your final quarter:

1. It’s Not Too Late To Plan

Create, revisit, or recreate a simple, realistic and achievable 90-day set of both personal and business goals you wish to achieve by year end. Identify in writing 2-3 specific activities per goal you intend to undertake in order transform that desire into reality.

2. Revise Your Daily & Weekly Schedule

Parents, put all the kids’ school events and holidays on your calendar first. Then, create your business schedule around your kids’ so you’re not caught off guard and you can better choose when to take time off to be with them. Once you’ve identified your work days, post this calendar in a common, viewable place so the family can see when you will NOT be available to them.

3. Master Your Time

Time block your most critical business activities in your daily and weekly schedule. These are those precious, vital few activities that deliver the biggest outcomes and rewards. In most businesses, generating new leads, following up with already existing leads for the purpose of setting appointments and solidifying relationships are the highest income generating activities.

4. Remain Patiently Impatient

All industries experience a sales cycle. Understand yours as well as your own personal business cycle. Acknowledge the ebbs and flows; don’t sweat it. Rather, use a lull to rethink, readjust, reorganize, re-strategize, remarket and reconnect with others when you are usually too busy to do so. Interesting to note that often by letting go, not pushing so hard, business appears. Also, recognize and accept the lag time from initial lead introduction to conversion into booked business. Continue to persevere.

5. Take Action. Start…Now. 

Top producers know that a robust January and February is directly proportional to the momentum resulting from diligent attention to and application of their key activities from October through December.  So, use September to mentally and physically prepare and brace for the final intense year end push. Experiencing results early next year, you’ll be grateful you used this month wisely!