Ok, it’s confession time. Be honest: Do you hate saying no?

Your job as a professional realtor is to help people achieve their goals, be it selling an existing home or purchasing a new one. You’re excited and anxious to go to work for them, answer their questions, provide guidance and expertise, and find solutions to make their transaction as smooth as possible.

It’s rare to decline business. Our job is to deliver service, and not doing so feels like letting the client down. So, we take them on as a client, knowing they might be difficult.

And then we find ourselves getting drained at the hands of an energy vampire.

What Are Energy Vampires?

Constant complaining, feelings of entitlement or victimization, extreme neediness; these are all characteristics of energy vampires.

Once you open the door to energy vampires, you start losing precious time and energy for those clients who respect and listen to your expertise. The clients that are thrilled because they achieved their housing goals and will sing your praises and refer you more business.

As a real estate agent, your time and energy are tantamount to your financial success. That’s why you need to be able to identify and SAY NO to energy vampires.

How Do You Survive Working With Energy Vampires?

1. Create and maintain your boundaries

For example, set hard hours with your clients. Do your best to teach them when they can normally reach you, emergencies aside.

Naturally, you want to be accommodating and helpful, but you need to recognize your work will suffer if you’re not able to unwind and get enough rest. It’s not selfish; by setting aside time for yourself, you are able to give more of yourself to others.

2. Adhere to both business and personal standards

What are the characteristics of a great client for you? Based on your experience, what are key buyer or seller practices that truly help the client, such as sharp pricing and staging for a new listing or obtaining lender pre-approval prior to writing a buyer offer?

Outlining and articulating clear and realistic expectations are essential elements to creating solid working relationships with clients. Review these expectations if, over time, the client becomes difficult or too demanding.

3. Learn when and how to say “NO”

Not rudely, not aggressively, and with no apologies. It’s a balance between helping and being of service to the client and being used and taken advantage of by them. Always say “yes” to your new business development first and foremost by saying “no” to inappropriate activities or demands.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when, you simply must fire the client. You are your most precious commodity – the heart and soul of your business depends on both your mental and physical health.

Does working with certain clients render you sick, stressed, anxious, or depressed? These are symptomatic of energy vampires sucking your life force. By eliminating them, better energy flow will attract more positive and plentiful business to you.

What other ways have you found helpful in reigning in those energy vampires? Let us know in the comments section below!

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