When it feels like the world is only focused on success and how much money you can make, I often ask myself: is it possible to build and sustain a profitable business that doesn’t abandon our humanity?

That doesn’t abandon our ethics, integrity and compassion? I’ve noticed it takes little effort to allow things like difficult transactions, challenging clients (as well our own beloved families), and financial stress to make it seem impossible. Is it really too much to ask for a life where

  • You and your clients respect each other’s time, efforts and emotional space?
  • You and your clients engage in a relationship highlighted by dignity and gratitude?
  • You can feel joyful and connected to your Higher Power, however defined?

Let me tell you it IS possible; many have chosen to commit themselves to both growing their business while honoring their personal sense of self. And, not surprisingly, they are reaping even more benefits than those expected. A few additional prizes, for example, include:

  • A continual flow of referral business
  • Giving back to meaningful causes
  • A team sharing similar goals and standards

The best part about those who run their business mindfully is that they willingly share their personal journeys and pearls of wisdom. My suggestion—take someone who inspires you out to lunch and pick their brain.

In addition, develop the habit of listening to your inner self.  Begin with awareness, doing your best to ignore the inner critic that’s distracting you with chatter about all those “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s”.  Practice this mindfulness in the morning and before settling down at night. Create a clear visual image of running a mindful business while living a life congruent with your values and integrity. Sooner than you think, you’ll feel more confident following your gut instincts, listening to your heart, and ultimately, living a more balanced life.

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