5 Proven Tips to Ensure a Successful 2016! Rely On Strategy, Not Luck!

When planning for success in 2016 do you want a deliberately designed business model or one based on luck?

When asked, most of us say we want the former, a business in which we determine the outcomes rather than just accept whatever comes our way. Yet, what we want and what we get are oftentimes contradictory. The Susan Rose Productivity Coaching Business Planning Workshop is specifically designed to help you create both the vision and the steps to ensure your 2016 is a success! Predict your annual business results by incorporating these 5 useful tips for success:

1.      Visualize your end result. How do you know where you are going, or that you arrived, if you don't know where you have been?

2.      Create your road map that identifies the following:           

a.      The key methods you intend to use to find customers.

b.      The key ways to effectively follow up and convert them into clients.

c.      What your service process will be. This will help you manage your time efficiently and effectively while delivering superior client service.

d.      What steps you will employ to garner referrals from past clients and your sphere of influence.

3.      Determine and monitor your numbers and conversation ratios for stability and predictability.

4.      Outline your print and digital online presence and marketing plans to attract clients.

5.      Identify the personal, relationship, spiritual, and financial goals you want to achieve for the year.

Whew, overwhelmed?  Want help? Take time FROM your business to work ON your business by creating your plan during our annual Business Planning Workshop. Let us guide you to identify the necessary actions required so you walk away with your roadmap ready to be executed.  Featured guests include digital marketing expert, Laura Knapp, Social Reality, speaking on ways to improve your online presence.  A financial planner will be offering financial tips to effectively reduce your tax liability and secure your financial future.  Rounding out the program is our panel of top producers, agents who have experienced a 20% or greater  increase in this year’s business,  who will discuss their best practices, challenges and goals for 2016.

Good luck doesn't effectively or efficiently create long term, sustainable businesses. Rely on strategy, not luck, by writing your annual business plan.  Register today for the Workshop and enter to win a Photo Showcase Ad in The MLS™ BROKER CARAVAN™ Open House Guide, a $55.00 value, for your next listing!