A Formula For Success

Wish you had more sales? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you knew the secret formula for achieving sales success?

Have you ever wondered what makes some sales people excel, others do fairly well, while others just scrape by?  What’s the magic ingredient that makes the difference in their sales production? Do they just happen upon great leads? Are they luckier, get better breaks? Actually … neither. In reality, I’ve discovered from devoting several hundreds of hours with sales associates as a sales trainer and coach, they follow a classic sales success equation.

Why follow a formula or equation?

Equations are a compilation of a series of variables that have proven to yield the same predictable results; following a formula, or equation, provides feelings of security, stability and peace of mind. Michael Gerber’s legendary The E-Myth Revisited espouses the value and benefits of creating formulas from systems and processes that allow a business to be scaled while delivering exceptional service. We all know that Carl’s Junior and McDonalds are examples of restaurants that follow success equations.   

The Sales Success Equation

Let’s first explore the individual components of the Sales Success Equation:

P = Plan

A = Attitude

A = Actions

P = Perseverance

D = Distractions

R = Resistance

S = Success and $

Assembling the components together yields the following Equation: 

((PxAxAxP)/D)-R = S2

Don't worry! We’re not getting into higher level math; just insights that we can dissect, investigate, poke at, tweak and, ultimately, follow that will lead to great achievement.

Put in plain English 

We start with a Plan. A specific written, objective, goal or plan to be accomplished.

We multiply the Plan with a positive, “can do”, “I won’t be denied” Attitude, which we then multiply with Actions, though not just any actions … only the right actions, those designed to get us to our goals. All together multiplied by Perseverance, that state whereby we doggedly plod through, carry on despite all odds and obstacles, never giving up. Whereby we take all this and minimize Distractions, those pesky “life gets in the way nuisances” that seem to always seems to plague us. Notice I didn’t say “eliminate.” I said, “minimize,” because they will always exist and we must master them or they will become our masters.  All of which, then, requires we must eliminate the big hairy R, “Resistance.” Resistance is our personal demon, our negative self-talk, those stories we’ve come to believe, that causes us to hold back, delay, procrastinate and, ultimately, avoid taking real action.  This constant equation always yields Success, and in sales, that equates to money ($).

So, if you aren’t satisfied with your current state of affairs, consider paying close attention to those components of your business that may be misaligned and in need of adjustment. By focusing on these aspects, you’ll quickly be able to determine and zero in on the specific aspects of your business that can generate you higher results. There is no magic pill, though following a success formula will help you make magic!