Results, NOW!


NOW!  Born in infancy, it sparks fireworks through childhood, flames through adolescence, peaks in adulthood as an uncontrollable fire storm. Its strength levels even the best and most professional, bringing her to her knees, fists pumping at the gods, tears of despair pouring from her eyes as she cries out, “I want immediate gratification….NOW!” A common lament, we can, in many instances, thanks to current technology and Mick Jagger, get satisfaction. It’s relatively easy to create a list of 10 trivial to do’s, aggressively attack them and at the end of the day, witness 10 lined cross offs. But focusing on the vital few and experiencing accomplishment towards a greater goal requires Patience, Endurance, Fortitude, Perseverance, Tenacity, and Faith.  

  • Patience: Implies the bearing of suffering, provocation, delay, tediousness with calmness and self-control
  • Endurance: Stresses the capacity to bear suffering or hardship
  • Fortitude: Suggests the resolute endurance that results from sustained courage
  • Perseverance: Implies a continuing to do something in spite of difficulties, obstacles
  • Tenacity: Implies firm adherence to some purpose, action, or belief
  • Faith: Unquestioning belief, complete trust, confidence

Stop looking for immediate gratification. Start looking for signs of progress towards your goal. Just do the work, NOW. Choose faith, NOW.