Winners, Losers … Does anyone really lose?

Did you happen to watch the Oscars on Sunday? Wondering what your insights were? Here are a few things that come to my mind, for whatever they are worth:

  • The producers tried too hard.  Forced jokes flop.

  • Matthew McConaughey ... please lose the beard and the greasy hair, oy, you were so adorable! 

  • Lady Gaga ... oh how you can sing! However, I was distracted by your tats ... wondered why you chose not to keep them under wraps so we could focus on your lovely voice?  Loved the sax though!

  • I finally have to acknowledge that I am an old fuddy duddy. I just don't want to see Neil in his tightie whities on national TV ... Somehow, somewhere, I must have missed the point ... guess that's what happens when you're old!

  • Lastly, professionals are pros at not winning. Note I didn't say "losing."

Which leads us to our past week. All the film makers, editors, actors, actresses, costume designers created a wonderfully impactful experience for us. That doesn't minimize the fact that they weren't the chosen ONE. And, ultimately, does it matter? What matters is what they gave to us, how we are affected, how we are changed by their work. Translation: YOU must do your work to the best of your ability, each and every day, irrespective of accolades, awards, rewards, or immediate gratification ... for your buyers, sellers, yourselves, your families, your company, your community. Because that's what professionals do. Along the way, you'll have some big wins. But not if you allow yourself to get discouraged or give up.

The Oscar non-winners are back to work today ... post party. You had better be, too.