Look Who's Had Amazing Success in 2015!

What do Los Angeles Westside realtors Traci Bates, Chase Campen, and Steven Aaron have in common? They are all smart, savvy, spunky, genuine, kind, and inspiring leaders who are top producers currently trending at and expecting to see at least a 70% increase in their annual income this year over last! Susan Rose Productivity Coaching is very proud to introduce these three professionals who will be sharing their lessons learned, insights gained, and tips of the trade during a panel discussion on October 29 at the 2016 Business Planning Workshop.


What happens when two dynamic women decide to think and act like true business professionals? Traci Bates and Lorna Hennington of the Bates | Hennington Team are currently trending and expecting to see a 378% increase in their income this year over 2014! Traci shares with us their transformation, including the power of attitude, mindset, and the specific practices they have implemented this year that have led to these phenomenal results.




As of October, Chase Campen is trending at a 30% increase over his entire 2014 yearly income. Even better, though, based on his pipeline, Chase is projecting to close out the year at an overall 145% increase! Learn how he managed to achieve these stellar results in his business while continuing to train as a marathon runner and be a devoted dad to his three children.




This year has been full of changes for top producer Steven Aaron, but despite the challenges he is trending at and expects a 74% increase in annual income this year. Steven candidly shares how he's managing to grow his team and business, invest in his passion for vintage cars, spend weekends in his Palm Springs home, all while navigating inevitable challenges personally.


Take part and listen as these pros relate to the challenges, mistakes, triumphs, and successes that have led to their monumental achievements. Become inspired and motivated by the tales and stories of these ordinary people achieving extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives!

See you at the 2016 Business Planning Workshop, October 29 at The Skirball Cultural Center. Time is running out! HURRY, register NOW!