It's Time To Reconnect

As we move into the last quarter of the year, it's time to reflect and reconnect ... with yourself, with your circle, and absolutely with your business!  These last months of the year are crucial to the success of the coming year.  So as you take time to reconnect with friends and family through holiday letters and parties, do not neglect your established sphere of influence!  We all have contacts we've made and lost touch with; now is a prime opportunity to reach out!  Institute a five week program now to ramp up your final months.  The year isn't over until the fat lady sings, and she's not even on stage yet!

5 Weeks and 10 Steps to Reconnecting with your Database



1.    Create and send a short paragraph letter or email. Do not mention real estate in the body, and if mailed do not include your business card..


Hi, John!  Wow, where has the time gone?!  Just yesterday it was New Years, now it’s (MONTH)! It’s been a whirlwind year and I just want to reach out to apologize for having lost touch with you and your family! Wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and will call in the next few days to reconnect and hear what you have been up to recently. Trust all is well.  Best regards, (NAME)

2.     Call three days later to reconnect. No real estate talk unless they bring it up! Consider checking on social media to see what’s new with them as an initial talking basis.


  • MESSAGE Hi, John! It’s (NAME):  Hope you recently got my email/ letter; calling to reconnect and find out what’s up with you. Give a call at (NUMBER).
  • LIVE CHAT:  Hi, John! It’s (NAME); hope you recently got my email/ letter?  YES/ NO? Well, again, it’s good to reconnect after all this time…sorry I lost touch…I promise to be much better going forward…how are you?  (NO REAL ESTATE TALK UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP)  By the way, I’m verifying my contact info because (I recently changed systems/ had a computer crash)…your email is now?  And current address is? Great, thanks!

3.     Friend them on Facebook and Linked In, if appropriate, if they are not already 

4.     Follow up with a handwritten note. Do not include a business card…you are still rebuilding rapport and relationship. 


5.     Post something real estate related on Facebook.

6.     Follow them on Facebook and like a post/ make a comment! “Great chatting and catching up!”


7.     Email something of value related to real estate.


8.     Call/ leave a message:

“Hi, John! It’s (NAME); so great following you on Facebook!  Just a reminder that as a professional realtor, I have a access to resources and inside information not readily available on the internet so if there’s anything I can ever help you or your friends or family with, please feel free to call or text me at any time!  By the way, do you have any plans this year for moving?  Oh, and, of course, anyone you refer me to will be very well taken care of! Is there someone I should be speaking with now?"

9.    Write handwritten note.


10.  Mail item of value….(perhaps a certificate of $500.00 towards their closing costs or inspection fees on their next transactions with you)


This should get you reconnected!! Now, stay in touch!

1.     Call once a quarter

2.     Mail monthly at least (Just Listed/ Just sold card/ newsletter/ seasonal item)

3.     Continue following on Facebook/ watch for clues!

4.     Invite to any charitable events you may associate with (Cancer walk)

5.     Include in any geographic farm activity (Shred event, pumpkin carving contest, recipe share)