Step Into September!

Labor Day--- summer ends, fall approaches! By stepping into September, Realtors have a unique opportunity to bear down with laser focus and press hard from now until the end of the year. By focusing on both NOW and FUTURE business, you ensure 2015 launches with energy and momentum, vital ingredients that will propel your business throughout the entire year. Want to make the most of these upcoming months?  Focus on 3 productivity tips: 


1. Contact all your "prospects" and reclassify them as 30 and 60 day leads. How?  
    a. Call:  "Last we spoke you mentioned you were thinking of getting your home on the market...let's go ahead and set an appointmentt so we can meet and I can share valuable market information that could help you decide if it's best to list now or wait. What day is better for us to meet ... X or X?"
    b. (NOT READY)"I understand you're not quite ready. So ideally, if you were to sell, where would you go? And when would you like to be there?  Well, do you realize that even in today's strong market, it can take several months to prep the home, market it, go through the escrow period and finally close? So did you want to be gone by then or did you just want to start the process?  
    c. (STILL NOT READY) ...OK, great;  when would you want me to touch base with you again? I'm looking at your info and realize I don't have your ________ ... may I have that please ... and how's the best way to stay in touch with you?  Thanks, I'll do that! By the way, of your friends or family, who might be interested in either purchasing a home or selling one that perhaps I can assist?  Just know that if you hear of anyone, it would be my pleasure to take great care of them. Would you feel comfortable referring them to me? Thanks so much, I appreciate that.
Take care.
    d. Follow-up with a hand written note and a few business cards. Put in your database manager/ Outlook/Top Producer the next follow-up date.

2. Call your sphere and past clients, A-Z, or Z-A (if you didn't get through A-Z on your last attempt) and use the above (c) script variation ... Ask questions to explore for opportunity and identify NOW business! There is gold in your database; mine for it!

3. Use the next 4 months to aggressively work your neighborhood or geographic farm by creating fun or charitable events that draw the community together. Many coaching clients have had great success with Halloween pumpkin carving contests, holiday canned food drives or turkey giveaways. Leveraging these events across all social media platforms with announcements, photographs, calls to action, will actively engage your contacts while promoting your brand and services in a creative, yet valuable, manner.

It's time to buckle down now; create that laser focus on those activities which generate the highest return for your time and energy to finish 2014 with a bang. And set the stage for an outstanding 2015.