Are you playing to win?

Or playing to not lose? There is a significant difference between playing to win and playing to not lose. Specifically:

* Playing to win means being willing to make mistakes.

* Playing to win means taking uncomfortable actions. 

* Playing to win means risking rejection and, possibly, humiliation.

* Playing to win means challenging oneself at the time one feels the most vulnerable.

Photo courtesy of John Carrel via Flickr

Photo courtesy of John Carrel via Flickr

If you took on just one of the above statements of fact, what changes and possible benefits could you experience? And what would that mean for you? So, ask yourself, are you willing to step out just a little this week?  Go out on a limb? I hope so, because that's where the satisfaction and reward lies ... at the end of the branch.  Of course, what if you don't fail? What if the bough does not break? Hmmm.