Was I duped?


While walking to get a coffee and cookie (I just NEEDED one!), I was tentatively approached by a nicely dressed, pleasant man who introduced himself a doctor who had run out of gas en route to the Kaiser clinic many miles north. Of course, I was only half listening as he explained briefly how that occurred, how he didn't have his wallet with him..who know what else he said? All the while thinking, "wow, what if I were in a similar situation? Would someone help me out? Is this a genuine hardship situation or the fantasy of a panhandler?" When he finally got around to asking for some cash to get gas...and his promise to repay me...I gave him a $20 bill, acknowledged him for taking care of his patients, and went about my search for caffeine and sweets. What I duped? Don't know, don't really care. Just hope that if I were ever in a similar circumstance, someone will take a chance and invest $20 in me!