The single thing which makes us happy.

 Original lunar astronaut, Neil Armstrong, died this weekend. The image of his first step on the moon in July 1969 is firmly planted in my memory; summer vacation at my grandparents house in New Jersey...glued to the, yes!, black and white console TV!!

He is quoted as saying, "The single thing which makes any man happiest is the realization that he has worked up to the limits of his ability, his capacity. It's all the better, of course, if this work has made a contribution to knowledge, or toward moving the human race a little farther forward."


While the work we as realtors do may not be "rocket science", the value we offer our clients and the public is inestimably important. We help people build memories and wealth! So, as you go forward this week, navigating your personal concerns, stresses, travails, feel proud that you have chosen a lofty profession that indeed, moves the human race, "a little farther forward."

Or, perhaps, a change in professions is due?