Selling... the newest Olympic sport?!

Have you been watching the 2012 that Michael Phelps one remarkable athlete…not to mention a “got it together” young man?!! As I've been following the various events, I've noted a few points to share from a coach’s perspective.

1. Phelps mentioned in a past interview that he repeatedly had "counted the strokes" it took him from one end of the pool to another, so that when his goggles filled with water and he couldn't see, he still knew when he'd reach the wall and not crash! He won GOLD that race.
2. China is avidly training young gymnasts; they practice, practice, practice in front of MIRRORS to self- critique and improve.
3. Athletes make mistakes...and get right up and continue with the performance!
4. There is a spirit of both individual competitiveness and high minded, collective team playing amongst the teams. In one event, athletes may compete against each other, in the next event, they compete as a team. They graciously win and lose and shake hands.
5. They don't QUIT the sport when they lose...they reexamine, recommit, refocus, re-engage...determined that next time around they WILL WIN. 
6. Games are won often by 1/100 of a second! The numbers indicate the infinitesimal amount of progress or change that makes the winning difference! 

So, if real estate sales (or whatever your business is) were an Olympic event, what would it take for you to WIN Gold, Silver, Bronze? What would you have to do like these athletes to improve your skills/ game? Like these athletes, what would it mean to you if you won big?! Challenge... game on?!!!