Remember to follow the 12 Real Estate Basics

Are you an seaoned Realtor suffering from business anemia? Are you a newer Realtor suffering from business overwhelm? Take heart! By focusing your attention on the 12 Real Estate Basics, you will see marked improvement in a short time. 

The 12 Real Estate Basics 

1. Attend weekly sales meetings 

2Take/ retake your office's orientation 

3. Weekly caravan or market tour 

a. Take a different area each week for 8 weeks 
b. Focus in on the areas you want to work 
c. Introduce yourself to the listing agent…create relationships…befriend on Facebook 
d. Look for open house opportunities, even if other brokerage 
e. Look for FSBO signs! 

4. Invest in some simple tools 

a. Spiral notebook to log your phone messages/ do to lists 
b. If in coaching, a separate spiral notebook to keep your coaching notes 
c. Audio digital recorder to record your coaching appts…can be uploaded to mp3 file on ipod 
d. Week at a glance yearly calendar 
e. Smartphone 
f. Laptop 

5. Read and study “Millionaire Real Estate Agent” by Gary Keller 

6. Get familiar with and use the following websites 

a. Your Multiple Listing Service 
1. Know how to create a comparative market analysis for a seller to determine value 
2. Know how to find an owner of record/ loan amounts/ history of property 
3. Know how to create buyer and seller estimated net sheet 
4. Know your MLS' specific analytic graphs and how to interpret information and explain to a buyer or seller 

b. Your company's website 

c. On line contracts 

7. Set up and use your database 

a. Choose E-Edge, Top Producer, My Red Tools, Outlook 
b. Categorize your sphere, past clients, other agents, potential buyers, potential sellers 
c. Create and apply your "drip" campaign to all contacts 
d. Call everyone 4 times a year to inquire about their real estate needs/ referrals. Confirm contact information 

8. Internet 

a. Facebook “friend” your database 
b. Facebook “friend” your office and other agents you meet 
c. Create personal and business page 
d. Set up your website, testimonials, IDX 

9. Hire a coach and work with them closely 

a. Schedule your monthly appts 
b. Submit to coach your weekly accountability form on Sunday night or Monday am 
c. Complete and submit to coach your monthly and weekly plan 
d. Create your yearly business plan 

10. Focus on listings 

a. Create your prelist package (create an on line and paper version) 
b. Learn, practice listing presentation 
c. Learn, practice general listing objections (I want to wait, we’re interviewing other agents, I want to list at a higher price) 
d. Learn, practice commission objections 
e. Learn the listing and disclosure paperwork (where to find it, what do you need) 

11. Be efficient with your buyers 

a. Create your buyer package (Create an on line and paper version) 
b. Learn, practice your buyer presentation 
c. Learn, practice scripts for getting buyer agreement signed 
d. Learn, understand the buyer brokerage agreements, how to use them 
e. Learn, practice writing an offer, counter offer on Zipforms 
f. Learn, understand the basics of lending (rates, FHA) 

12. Get into business quickly! 

a. Work your database (family/ friends/ sphere of influence) 
b. Work a Saturday/Sunday open house 
c. Use Facebook 
d. Call FSBO’s and Expireds 
e. Create and work a geographic farm 
f. Create and work a social farm 
g. Create and work a network farm 
h. Go to courthouse and contact probate attorneys 

What to do with the 12 Real Estate Basics? Weekly, take one or two points and work diligently to improve your proficiency. Some points will come easier to you than others. Focus on those you tend to avoid or feel the most uncomfortable. Mastering discomfort creates growth. In today's rapidly changing environment, growing and adapting is essential to the health of your business. Solidify the basics and then get creative!