Power In the Pounce!


Any of us pet owners know the fun in watching our dog or cat pounce on a toy or object that is rightfully, or unrightfully (in my dog, Paloma’s case: napkins/tissues/socks) theirs for the keeping! They seem to instinctively know when there’s that split second decision of “to take or not to take” before they literally pounce on their object of desire. Those of us in the glorious sales profession would be wise to adopt the same “pounce” strategy when we have the opportunity to close for an appointment with a referred buyer or seller, an expired listing ,a for sale by owner, or even a friend we “heard through the grapevine” was thinking of selling! In these cases, are you immediately taking action by making contact?  I would suggest personally calling, not emailing. Calling is more personal and more likely to lead to an immediate result - the appointment to meet to explore their objectives and demonstrate the strategies you will employ to achieve them. Worst  case scenario if they are not yet RAW, (Ready, Able, Willing), you’ve established the beginning of a relationship and earned the privilege of staying in touch. Lately, I’ve seen too many opportunities go to others at the expense of my coaching clients because they failed to act swiftly and actively. Remember, there’s power in the pounce!