OMG! It’s mid August already! Making the next 6 months count!

Stop the panic! Yes, 2012 CAN still be one of your best years ever. These next several posts will share helpful tips about how you can still achieve this year’s goals!


Part 1, Review and Revise, refers to the process of stepping away from your business and taking an objective look at where you’ve been, where you are presently and where you still want to go. Reflect on and take 20 minutes to answer the following questions.

• What’s worked well so far and of what are you most proud? Acknowledging your accomplishments generates self-confidence and propels forward motion. 
• What are your current challenges that impede your progress? Naming both controllable as well as uncontrollable obstacles allows us to clearly identify what are getting in our way of potential progress.
• What do you want to have happened by the end of this next 6 months? Based on where you are right now, specify the desired outcome you want by year end.
• Who can help you? Look to your team of advisers, mentors and coaches for assistance.
• What additional education do you need? Identify and schedule the necessary classes and trainings needed for advancement.
• What skills need improvement? Memorize, rehearse, practice scripts, presentations, sales techniques!
• What sacrifices are you willing to make? Undoubtedly the toughest because this requires discipline, passion, and persistence and the ability to say NO as necessary!

Part 1 answers the question, “How will I know I’ve arrived if I don’t know where I’m going?” By taking some time to think about and work ON your business, you’ll become clear and definite as to what actions are necessary to work IN your business. The next post, Part 2, will discuss the necessary Focus and Followup.