Focus On Analysis


With mortgage interest rising, visually showing - not just telling - your buyers and sellers how this affects them can be very effective. Best way: create a simple spreadsheet showing the difference of mortgage payments at various increasing interest rates of a fixed purchase price. For example: assuming a $1,000,000 purchase price, 20% down payment, calculate principal & interest (PI) on the loan value of $800,000 at 3.5%, 4%, 4.25%, 4.5%. Just a few months ago a buyer could get an 80% loan @ 3.5%, a PI payment of $3,592.00; today, @ 4% that payment is $3,819.39, a 6% increase! When rates go to 4.25%, that PI payment will be $3,935.52, a 9.5% increase over what they could have had. Show buyers that it COSTS them to wait! Conversely, show sellers that the buyer’s purchasing power actually diminishes with each uptick of rates; selling NOW yields them the best price because the buyer pool diminishes with each rate uptick. Ultimately, we’re in the sweet spot where sellers can sell and buy simultaneously. With rising rates, they may find they are priced out of the buying market while they wait to sell when prices are higher. Using these scenarios, test for motivation to help guide your client to their desired outcome. Are you taking full advantage of today’s amazing real estate market?