11 Ways to get ready for 2011!


The Holiday Season has officially started!The world is on sale,new movies are being released "for our consideration", airports are jammed, morning traffic is fairly light. And in Southern California, we get to finally wear our one wool coat!

Here are 11 December “TO DO’s” between your cooking, baking, shopping, partying guaranteed to start your new year with a BANG!

1. Finish your business plan! How do you know where you are going if you don’t have your map? 
2. Clean out your office, car, and briefcase! Throw away, throw away, throw away and then throw away more! Trust that if it’s truly important, it’ll show up again!
3. Clean up your computer files by archiving your 2010 emails/ set up “Personal” and “Real Estate” files and drag emails to the appropriate file. Delete all the ads, junk! 
4. Call everyone in your database AGAIN…and wish them a happy holiday! Don’t forget to mention that the market has tremendous opportunity with rates and prices being at all time lows…ask ”have you thought of purchasing an investment property?”, “who do you know that I should be meeting with or talking with ?” 
5. Clean out and update your database. Use call in item #4 to verify that you have all correct email/ mail address info!!
6. Create your call/ email/ snail mail marketing campaigns and assign them to your database! 
7. If you are working a geographic farm, decide what your monthly themes will be NOW….and create as many of those flyers as possible NOW! Then all you’ll need to do is execute monthly!
8. Clean out your closets; donate your unused stuff, old clothes to a charitable organization. 
9. Update your buyer and seller presentations.
10. Express gratitude, enjoy your friends and family, take some personal time to renew!
11. Show up Monday, January 3, 2011 @9:00 am and start executing your business plan!

May we all be safe and find peace this holiday season.Now, what shall I start with first?