August Apathy

By August 4, 2015 August 29th, 2018 Blog 1, Productivity

Summertime and the living is easy! August is the most undervalued and underutilized month in the real estate industry. With so many realtors lying low, how can you avoid joining the club?

1. Embrace The Weather

Yes, it’s hot and sticky and energy wanes; agents hide behind the “hot” excuse. So if other agents aren’t out, be sure you are; opportunity exists always and everywhere! Get out earlier in the morning, wear a cute hat and sunscreen. Remember the motto of our beloved mail carriers: “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night …” prevents them from delivering our bills!

2. Make The Most Of Vacation Time

Yes, our kids and families are on vacation. So, too, are our prospects. We all need time off to relax, regroup, and reenergize. No one around? Make good use of your time by cleaning out your database, write/rewrite some marketing pieces, organize your desk, clean out paper and computer files.

3. Don’t Waste The Rest Of The Year

Yes, it’s true that half of the year is over; time for the reality wake up call to question, “Where am I now, and what more do I want to accomplish?” Usually this finds us either thrilled and elated by our year to date success or ready to quit from discouragement. Lean in and acknowledge your state with detachment. Hard to do, right? Beating yourself up with recrimination creates a nonproductive downward spiral effect. Take some quiet time at the beach or on the hammock and honestly evaluate and identify a) what you want, and b) what those necessary action steps are to accomplish it.

4. Mentally Prepare For 4th Quarter Craziness

August is the calm before the 4th Quarter and holiday flurry months. Psychologically, September is our “back to school” month, and while the kids become productive, business people gear up and get going as well. All the more reason why #2 and #3 above are so imperative to heed. We also know that the real estate industry typically follows a 90 day lead cycle; initiatives taken now usually materialize 90 days later. Laser focus on the RIGHT activities in August and September will yield positive results in November, December, and January!

Go enjoy your summer. Get to the beach, take a trip, disconnect from Facebook and Twitter, read a trashy novel. Stop moaning about the lack of business or that everyone else has disappeared. Use this time wisely and get yourself ready to re-engage! Continue to make calls to your past clients and sphere. There IS business to be done in August, too!