Are You Struggling?

By February 7, 2017 August 29th, 2018 Blog 2, Lifestyle

Given all the angst and anxiety in the country and world, how do I remain focused and keep my head in the game?

I wish I had “THE” answer to that question as well as all the ancillary questions; how does one live in a chaotic world? How do we establish peace amongst nations? What is the best way to combat terrorism? Just to name a few. What I can offer are some tips that have helped ground me while the earth shakes, as it always does, sometimes more violently than usual. Let’s be mindful that this is the same world that Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Venus and Serena Williams live in. And recently, Roger and Serena WON the Australian Open.

Perhaps simplistic, here are 6 ways that can you deal with uncertainty in an ever-changing world:

1. Meditate

Immediately, begin a meditation or mindfulness practice first thing in the morning. Lots of great books/ tapes to assist; I like, The Relaxation Response by Dr. Herbert Benson. Simply quieting the mind while setting positive and productive intentions for 15 minutes creates a powerful landscape on which to imprint our day.

2. Journal

Journal daily. Thoughts, fears, questions, gratitude, anger, successes, failures. Facing these written demons and angels allows us to distinguish between negative or disempowering beliefs and thinking patterns and those that are more life affirming and empowering. When we “know thyself” and become more self-aware. we can then actively avoid certain triggers that cause angst.

3. Go Outside

Be amongst nature. See, smell and feel the trees, beach, mountains, animals. They were here first and hold many answers to our questions if we simply take the time and find the quiet to really listen.

4. Be Calm

Hold emotions in check. Emoting rarely solves critical problems. Read all sides, all opinions, fact check, ask questions. “Is that comment based on fact or just your opinion?” “How do you know that to be true?” “From what source did you learn that?”

5. Don’t Argue

Avoid arguing opinion and beliefs. That’s a zero-sum game. Seek first to understand; debate facts and figures. Agreement is not necessary; respect, absolutely.

6. Remember Your Goals

Stay true to personal goals and objectives. Remember, Nietzche, “He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how.’” What is our “why?” What is important about achieving what we want? And finally, as with Roger and Serena, are we willing TO DO what we must in order to get what we say we want?

They were. They did. They won. Same worldly, chaotic existence.

Therefore, we can.