Tracking your activities takes you from THINKING you’re being productive to actually BEING productive.

Agents who use a tracking system with steady accountability are nearly 130% more productive than those who don’t.

Using our mobile and online tracking system helps you monitor those key activities necessary to closing transactions. For example, you’ll be inputting your daily total contacts made, listings appointments gone on and listings taken, buyer appointments completed and offers written, as well as transactions closed and income earned. After a few months of diligent tracking and analyzing the information, you’ll know exactly what aspect of your business needs improving and how to make those required adjustments! That which is not measured cannot be improved.

Coach’s Group Accountability Commentary

Coach Susan addresses our coaching community with an exclusive weekly written accountability message including focal points or strategies for the upcoming week. It’s easy to get distracted! We help get you back on track and stay on track, ensuring you attain your desired goals. Unfocused “busyness” does not equate to “business.”

Group coaching calls to stay focused and on track

The business of selling real estate consists of many moving parts and it’s easy to get distracted! We help get you back on track and stay focused while maintaining your motivation and positivity.

Coach Susan Rose hosts and facilitates a weekly group coaching conference call exclusively for our community. Stay informed with current market trends, learn new buyer and seller best practices, share insights, challenges and solutions with your peers and coach. We ensure you attain your desired goals because we keep you focused and on track with your plan.
Calls are scheduled for Wednesday, 4:00 pm Pacific Time and are recorded for your convenience.

Exclusive Resource Library

Using our library of resources and tools for your daily activities, you’ll be able to spend more time on dollar productive activities such as lead generation and follow up, going on appts and negotiation deals! No need to waste time reinventing the wheel!

Checklists and Forms

Organize and systematize your business with our folder of checklists and forms for buyers, listings, lead tracking, escrows, along with flowcharts to track your transactions and income. We make business tracking simple and easy; you will know exactly where your business stands at any given time!


Never be at a loss for words! Our scripts cover everything from cold calling and follow-up to getting your buyer broker agreement signed. We have tried-and-true scripts for nearly every situation you run into as a realtor, whether you’re trying to reconnect with a past client, revive an old lead or defend your commission.

Sample Marketing

Need some help with marketing or lead generation ideas? We’ve assembled a variety of marketing samples that will help you create your client and sphere touches or your geographic farm door knocking items of value. Like something we have? Use it! Add your info and make it your own!

Exclusive Facebook Community

Our Facebook community page, your virtual “coffee shop”, will become your hang out for group communication, support, motivation, and education. A forum to meet and learn from equally dedicated colleagues around the country, it’s the perfect place to locate a scripts practice partner, share pocket listings and receive invitations to Susan Rose Coaching training events.