Exclusive Resource Library

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel! We have tried and true scripts and dialogues, checklists and forms, marketing ideas and samples and so much more to help organize your business!

On-Demand Webinars

Gain access to a variety of business building topics such as Planting and Sowing a Geographic Farm, Thriving in a Shifting Market, Mindset, Attitude and Habits of Top-Producers and more!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Join Coach Susan Rose and your SPARK community every Wed at 4 pm PT for a live lesson and Q&A! Can’t attend? Calls are recorded and available to download at your convenience!

Accountability Tracking

Our online tracking system is easy to use and customizable to your goals. Agents who consistently track their key activities report 130% more productivity than those who don’t!


Tracking your essential activities takes you from THINKING you’re being productive to BEING productive.

Tracking activity increases awareness and elevates your business to new levels. It takes just minutes and after a few months of diligent tracking and analysis, you’ll know exactly what aspects of your business need improvement!

Our resource library maximizes productivity!

Stay focused on income-generating activities, not minutia. Save valuable time and energy by using our scripts, so you know what to say in any given situation, and referring to our checklists to make sure vital tasks don’t slip through the cracks.

Our weekly Coaching Calls strengthen your focus, mindset and direction!

Real estate sales can be both exciting and frustrating! It’s easy to lose perspective and positivity and that’s where we come in…by helping you stay focused, motivated and on track!

Coach Susan Rose hosts and facilitates an exclusive SPARK community conference call every week. Stay informed of current market trends, learn new buyer and seller best practices, hear from top producers and industry experts, and share your insights, challenges and successes with your peers and coach!

Calls are scheduled for Wednesday, 4:00 pm Pacific Time and are recorded for your convenience.


Coach’s Group Accountability Commentary

With so much to do and so little time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted! Our job is to help you not only get back on track, but stay on track. Coach Susan addresses the SPARK coaching community with an exclusive, weekly accountability message emphasizing focal points or strategies for the upcoming week. Remember, “busyness” does not mean “business!”

Exclusive Facebook Community

Our Facebook community page is full of support, motivation, and education. Meet and learn from dedicated colleagues from around the country. It’s the perfect place to celebrate successes and frustrations, find a scripts practice partner, and share new or pocket listings.

About Susan:


When I first started, I consistently rode the real estate roller coaster…you may know the scenario: my deal closed, I paid the bills, where’s the next one? I would be down to no deals, but unfortunately the bills kept coming. These periods of no cash flow caused so much stress and anxiety! I buckled down and borrowed on my only credit card to hire coaches who helped me strengthen my mindset, develop new and better habits, and sharpen my sales skills. I compiled and condensed what I learned along with the tools I developed in an effective, easy-to-use program called SPARK; Skills, Productivity, Accountability, Results, Knowledge. SPARK ignites success!

Hear what people are saying!


Michelle Tepper:

Susan’s coaching is a game changer! Thanks so much Susan for your guidance and support!

Jen Winston:

Susan is a true mentor and inspiration as a woman who I aspire to be. Thank you Susan for all that you do!

Filip Crispino:

What an incredible impact on my own business and life since this time last year til now. I’m finishing the year at 20 sides and I owe a lot of it to the group coaching and strategies shared in the program. Thank you Coach Susan!

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