You know what you want: you want more leads and closings, you want greater market share, you want a larger database. However, knowing what you want and how you intend to achieve it may be completely incongruent with the ACTUAL ACTIONS you are taking! Accountability is the glue that cements your intentions with the correct, aligned actions.

Here’s how to take accountability into your own hands in order to achieve the results you’ve always wanted:

1. Identify the most critical action steps necessary to achieve your specific goal.

For instance, regardless of your specific real estate goals, one essential action step is to connect with and contact people, whether in person, over the phone, in writing or via social media.

2. Determine the daily, weekly, and monthly metrics or quantities necessary to achieve that goal.

As a coaching company, we know from having tracked and monitored agents’ activities that an agent with 2-8 years of experience will need to make approximately 275 contacts to obtain a closed transaction; an agent with 9+ years of experience needs approximately 120 contacts per closing.

Using these stats and knowing how many closings you desire, how many contacts would you need to make?

3. Guarantee your best chance of success by committing those quantifiable activities to writing.

Monitor your daily progress by asking yourself, 1) “Am I doing the right activities to accomplish my goal?” and 2) “How close am I to achieving the necessary quantities?”

This is the true value of “accountability.” An easy-to-use accountability tracker, like the one in our SPARK program, reveals how close you’ve come to achieving your goals and alerts you to any needed improvements or adjustments.

4. Avoid working in a vacuum.

It’s important to have a partner, guide or coach gently nudging you forward, offering you encouragement or helping you get back on track when you find yourself slipping.

Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results. The higher the accountability in place, the more you’ll achieve success and personal fulfillment.

We’re here to help! Join our SPARK program and become accountable to your results. JOIN SPARK NOW!

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