Does your business need reviving, re-invigorating, or just solid growth?  Do you want someone in your corner for motivation and support?  Do you need someone who will make sure you are doing the things you've said you will do?  Our Accountability Plus program offers the feedback, accountability, resources, and support you need.  


Accountability Plus offers:

  • Web based activities tracking to provide both immediate and historical data to help analyze your business

  • Access to our proprietary Dropbox filled with business tools, marketing ideas, and other valuable resources

  • Access to Facebook community for inspiration, motivation, and connection to colleagues in coaching

  • 1 monthly group coaching call

  • 1 monthly training webinar to assist in refreshing and honing your business skills

  • 2 monthly teleconference calls on business-boosting topics

  •  Invitations to educational training and networking sessions 

 You just need to BE ENGAGED and ready to BREAKTHROUGH! 


The cost is $99 per month thereafter; no initial deposit, set up fee or long term contract is required.  

Are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?  Sign up today!

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