About Coach Susan Rose

I have been a licensed realtor in Los Angeles, California since 1989 and during my sales career I’ve completed several hundred transactions ranging from condos to architecturally significant estates. I’m a strong believer in self-improvement and education. I take a direct, no nonsense approach with my coaching clients by offering them support guidance and high accountability to the goals they’ve set.

Here’s “Susan’s Story”:

My passion for helping agents through coaching and consulting developed from my frustration as a real estate practitioner. It took many years before I earned over $100,000 of income. Ultimately, I successfully completed several hundred transactions ranging from condominiums to architecturally significant estates, but trust me … I was not an overnight success!

I consistently rode the real estate roller coaster…you may know the scenario: my deal closed, I paid the bills, where’s the next one? I would be down to no deals, but unfortunately the bills kept coming. These periods of no cash flow caused a lot of stress and anxiety! I buckled down and borrowed on my only credit card to hire coaches who worked with me, helped me change my mindset, develop new and better habits, and sharpen my sales skills. I condensed what I learned from personal experience to provide structured plans and systems for my clients to set them up for success from the start.