Working an open house is a fantastic way to leverage both your time and energy while generating new buyer and seller leads. Although you may think that luck and chance determine crowd attendance; in fact, your creativity and advanced planning factor into the success of your event! To maximize the results of your open house, check out these 8 Steps to a POWERFUL Open House Event!

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Open houses are a great way to meet new prospects.

Don’t let strangers stop you from hosting an open house, just but be smart and be safe!

A professionally designed color brochure with high resolution photos works best.

Make sure your contact information is easily visible and is MLS compliant with disclaimers.

Post your open house several times and on different platforms because you never know who will see it where!

Just be careful not to overdo it as it can turn off followers. 

You don’t want people getting lost so make sure your cell number is on the open house signs just in case. 

If you’re not 30 minutes early, you’re late!

Purchasing a home is emotional and personal.

Buyers will be more likely to fall in love and buy if the house feels like a home. 

In addition to having recent sales comps and alternative properties in the same area at different price ranges,

encourage buyers to set a consultation meeting with you for the upcoming week. 

Something inexpensive, like a $5 gift card is fine. After all, free is free!

Your goal is to get accurate contact information. 

Open houses are one of several ways to leverage a new listing by meeting prospective buyers and sellers. Can I get you to try a different approach for this weekend’s open house? Instead of focusing on capturing lots of contact information, let’s work to connect with FEWER people, but by doing so, develop enough rapport so that they agree to set a time to sit down to talk to you about their needs, desires and dreams. Appointments with buyers lead to purchases. Appointments are the measurement of a successful open house.

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