Success leaves clues.

Based on the plethora of books available on Amazon, there is no shortage of studies key to success attempting to unravel the secret formula to success.

From my own experience as a sales coach and trainer, I’ve observed 6 components that can be assembled to create a simple working equation. With a plan in place, diligent concentration, and mastery of these 6 components, anyone can progress towards – and ultimately achieve – a higher level of success.

Success and Her Sister, Money (The $ Sign)

How do you define “success?” How do you know if you have achieved it? Is it strictly income, profit, or the number of units produced or sold (i.e., the tangible, hard metrics of success)? What about happiness, joy, fulfillment, and peace (i.e., the intangible aspects of success)?

Consider defining success as an intimate reflection of your own personal values and aspirations. Allow money (the financial component) to fund your successful life rather than letting it become the ultimate goal. Together, success and the money earned form a symbiotic relationship, each supporting the other.

Now that we know the result we are looking for, let’s examine the components that comprise success.

1. Plan

All destinations begin with a plan, a roadmap designed to help you navigate through uncharted territory. Where are you going, how will you get there, and what is the time frame? Identify those specific actionable steps that are necessary before you can start the trip. Is your plan detailed and written out or just a vague notion in your mind?

2. Attitude

Coupled with a plan, one must possess a positive, optimistic, enthusiastic, can-do attitude. One’s thoughts and attitudes directly affect one’s mood and, ultimately, one’s outcomes and results. How would you rate your attitude?

3. Action

We then must take action, not just any action though. It must be specifically related to and aligned with those defined goals and objectives. Sitting in a chair, rocking back and forth is a form of action; unfortunately, it won’t lead to great sales increases. Have you created a time-blocked list of necessary and important tasks that must be accomplished today?

4. Perseverance

Stemming from strong habits and a tough mindset, perseverance is one of the most elusive components of the success equation. Experience combined with maturity develops the ability to overcome obstacles, stand up for oneself and not become victimized. To be able to bounce back quickly keeps successful people in the game long after others have given up and retreated. Who do you know who exhibits great perseverance and what can you learn from them?

5. Minimize Distractions

The attention span of today’s human being is like a gnat flitting from one thing to another. Because our attention is so highly sought after, unfortunately, distractions will NEVER be eliminated. They CAN and MUST be minimized through strict self-imposed habits of time blocking for those aligned action steps or goals of critical importance. Remember to stay focused on the vital few key tasks or actions rather than the trivial many. Recognize that not everything is equally important and therefore, one can and must become more disciplined and discerning. What hacks can you use to keep distractions at bay?

6. Resistance

Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, devotes an entire book to the phenomenon of resistance: The War of Art. Resistance is that invisible devil that robs you of your dreams because he seduces you away from those necessary actions you know you must take to become successful. He is your enemy; he is you. It’s that story you made up about why you shouldn’t call a previous client because, “Well, it was a difficult escrow and they must still be upset with me.” That story may or may not true; push away resistance, make the call and find out! Resistance is pernicious and ever-present. It’s a constant, never-ending battle. Successful people battle and triumph over resistance every day. How will you?

Having spent many years contemplating my definition of success, I determined that for me, success has become the living embodiment of a life of loving unconditionally, learning avidly, serving freely, and experiencing abundantly. The more I focus on my personal definition of success and these 6 key components, the happier I feel and the more income I generate. Interesting how one plays off another. I trust it will for you as well.

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