When planning for success in 2019, do you want to have steady reliable success, or one based on luck?

When asked, most of us say we want the former, a business in which we determine the outcomes rather than just accept whatever comes our way. Yet, we often find ourselves in the new year without a plan at all. Sometimes we have a basic plan and still our results feel completely contradictory. There are tactics to avoid these issues; there are plenty of things you can do to help achieve the success you want and deserve. Reliably predict your upcoming business results by incorporating these 5 useful tips for success:

1. Visualize your end result.

How do you know that you arrived, or that you’re heading in the right direction, if you don’t know where to go?

2. Create your road map that identifies the following:

  • The key methods you intend to use to find customers.
  • The key ways to effectively follow up and convert them into clients.
  • What your service process will be to potential buyers and sellers
  • What steps you will employ to garner referrals from past clients and your sphere of influence.

3. Determine and monitor your numbers and conversation ratios for stability and predictability.

An easy way to do this is to use an online tracking system, like the one we offer to members of our SPARK program. You can learn more about this in my blog about building your Economic Plan. 

4. Outline your lead generation/marketing plans to attract clients.

5. Identify the personal, relationship, spiritual, and financial goals you want to achieve for the year.

Strategy, not luck, creates an effective long-term, sustainable businesses with an annual written business plan.

Whew, overwhelmed? Want help?

Join us on January 10th for the 2019 Business Planning Workshop WEBINAR! Watch the replay anytime!

Let’s make 2019 your best year ever!