SPARK ignites your success!

Affordable real estate coaching for all levels of sales production!

Are you a real estate veteran who wants accountability to your plan?


Are you a seasoned agent who wants to achieve new levels of production?

SPARK has those tools!

Are you a new licensee who needs the basics to launch their career?

SPARK is right for you!

This program improves your…
  • SKILLS – Learn effective practices when working with buyers and sellers
  • PRODUCTIVITY – Focus on high leverage, business building systems
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Monitor vital sales activities with our tracker
  • RESULTS – Forecast and measure lead pipeline and conversion metrics
  • KNOWLEDGE – Wrap it all together in our weekly group coaching call

Ready to give your business that much-needed SPARK?


Looking for business breakthrough?

We offer real estate coaching programs for agents at all levels of sales production.

Library of resources

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Maximize your efficiency by using proven strategies.

Stay on course

Get clear on your dreams, purpose and objectives. Plan your optimal schedule for work and play.

Leverage your time

Learn to leverage through models, systems and procedures. Track your activities and improve productivity.

Never lose focus

Stay on course with weekly calls from Coach Susan Rose. Recorded and saved for your convenience

Private and personalized coaching for business and life.