Raves & Results

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When I first met Susan, I was on auto pilot, couldn’t slow down which resulted in no closings! As a result of her probing questions, she helped me gain clarity about my motivation and goals. She has been always ready, willing and able to stabilize me through setbacks and encourage me to take appropriate actions leading to breakthroughs. She patiently provides the clear lenses to clear the fog as it sets in. My mindset has shifted to one of stronger purpose, my expired and closing scripts and dialogues are now much more effective and I am actually working my business plan! Where I once resisted doorknocking and open house activities, I find myself on the path to mastering both due to Susan’s encouragement. Results: 4 transactions, over $4.5M in sales volume with an average sales price of over $1M, earning more income and having more confidence than ever in my sales career! Thank you, Susan; I am so grateful for your guidance, patience, dedication and perseverance and looking forward to the next level of achievement.
— Tina Romm
I had been a productive agent looking to expand my business. Coaching with Susan has been one of the best career focused decisions that I have made. Susan has shifted my overall perspective of the Real Estate industry. My interaction with both buyers and sellers has changed significantly allowing me to minimize time spent with clients and maximize results. I have changed my overall approach to business and created a process to work together to meet objectives. I have learned to respect those I choose to work with and more importantly to always respect myself. Over the last eight months I have a sense of clarity as to what actions have worked, and those behaviors and actions are a direct result of coaching. I look forward my continued work with Susan Rose and continuing to grow my business.
— Michael Maguire
As an Adjunct Professor at Pasadena City College, teaching three classes totaling 110 students, I have to be organized. Time management and organizational skills are crucial to keep up with lesson plans, lectures, and assignments. So it was with great pleasure to invite Susan Rose to speak to my class this semester. She created a powerful lecture entitled The Business of You. Her engaging one hour talk included 15 small action points which could make all the difference in attitudes, planning and scheduling, networking skills, success orientations, and much more to those in need of these skills. I was and many of my students were positively influenced by her words. We were grateful to have the opportunity to listen and learn from Susan Rose.
— William Day, Adjunct Professor, Pasadena City College
When I first interviewed Susan Rose I was looking for two things: A strategist who I could review and discuss clients and potential transactions with. I also wanted to have someone make me accountable – making me do the things I know I should be doing to be successful but not finding the time to do it. I have increased my activity and I have honed my skills working with Susan. My listing presentation is 200% better, my farm prospects have increased tremendously since I have been with Susan . Her suggestions for better productivity in my geo farm have paid immediate dividends. For the first time in my career I feel like I have a reliable partner looking out for me.

Thanks Susan Rose!!
— Michael Maloney